Hack AgriFood'20

An international interactive hackathon aimed at helping the agriculture and food sectors overcome ongoing problems and solve challenges related to the COVID-19 crisis

Co-create with Experts
Online workshops and expert mentorship spread along a 6 week period
Solve a Challenge
Pick 1 of 15 real challenges from AgriFood companies or propose your own!
Win a Prize
Over €10.000 in the Prize Fund and outreach to leading EU competence networks
Change the World
Opportunities to implement your solution within the market
Online hackathon requirements and guidance

On-line hackathon
August 2020
Challenges from Challenge Owners/Businesses collected
August 11 – September 17
September 2020
Registration of experienced innovator teams
September 17 – October 11
October 2020
Announcement of teams and challenges selected
October 12
First stage of the interactive on-line hackathon
October 14 – November 20
November 2020
Grooming sessions
November 21-22
Final stage: Demo Days
November 23-25
Final stage: International AgriBusiness Forum
November 26


Quarantine measures and lockdowns throughout Europe have caused a rearrangement in the usual food supply networks. The value of using, supporting and promoting locally produced supplies and foods – as well as short food supply chains that link producers directly with consumers – has become apparent. In order to further reinforce local food supply networks, we are looking for visionary teams that can provide solutions in the domains of:

  • Connecting local producers directly with consumers
  • Projecting demand and priority of local goods
  • Community-based supply chains
  • Solutions for surplus food distribution

Food production is a wasteful process, during which between 20-40% of food is lost. Thus, utilizing the by-products and side-streams of these processes to produce value adding products is essential in our collective pursuits of sustainable environments and circular economies. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has returned food production side-stream utilization into the spotlight. We are on the lookout for smart and easy to implement solutions that help with:

  • Side-stream value discovery
  • Aggregating by-products
  • Monetizing side-streams
  • Side-stream recycling or utilization

The COVID-19 related disturbances in our food supply networks and consumption patters has caused significant food waste, as well as led to major financial losses for food manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Packaging is one of the key factors at the center of all of this. We welcome all innovative solutions for food packaging that address such issues as:

  • Consumer-oriented traceability solutions
  • Digital technology-infused packaging
  • Lowering the environmental footprint of packages
  • Biodegradable and recycled packaging

Creative reborn packaging

Spain Industrias Plásticas Triana, S.A.

On-line retail and food product or meal deliveries to the consumers’ doorstep have skyrocketed throughout Europe and the World. And the end of this surge in no where in sight. Yet alternative retail channels and the so called “last mile delivery” remain relatively open fields for novel and efficiency-increasing solutions. We are welcoming teams that offer solutions related to:

  • Solving increasing demand for last mile delivery
  • Controlling and monitoring conditions of last mile delivery
  • Environmental footprint of last mile delivery
  • Simplifying retail for food producers
We would like to kindly inform you that the registration period to HACK AgriFood'20 online virtual hackathon has ended. We'll keep you updated as there might be a local hackathon just around the corner

Why is it worth to participate?

For business

  • Experienced international teams will pitch targeted solutions and demonstrate MVPs developed for your personal challenges
  • You will be able to track the progress and interact with teams and their supporting mentors during on-line sessions and webinars
  • You will gain visibility among AgriFood innovators, key stakeholders, sector clusters and Digital Innovation Hubs throughout Europe

For teams

  • The best teams will get valuable prizes
  • You will be able to sell your idea to an AgriFood sector company
  • You will gain visibility among AgriFood innovators, key stakeholders, sector clusters and Digital Innovation Hubs throughout Europe


Grigoris Chatzikostas

Grigoris Chatzikostas

AgTech and FoodTech innovation expert

Aleksej Kovaliov

Aleksej Kovaliov

Senior Program Director – EIS Ltd


Mika Kukkurainen

Mika Kukkurainen

Partner, Founder at Nordic FoodTech VC

Grigoris Chatzikostas

Grigoris Chatzikostas

AgTech and FoodTech innovation expert

Sergejus Fedotovas

Sergejus Fedotovas

CEO of the State Plant Service


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